It can be difficult to enjoy dinner on the patio if everyone on the street has a clear view of your back yard.  A six-foot-tall privacy fence can help create a peaceful get-away in nearly any neighborhood.
A privacy fence can be a great addition to your backyard. If it is your aim to keep in pets and children, then a wood privacy fence is the way to go. These types of fences are generally 6′ high, and are built with posts approximately 8′ apart. Although it is acceptable to construct these types of fences with only two horizontal rails, it is generally considered best to implement the three-rail system.
And again, there are things to consider before choosing a privacy wood fence. Some may consider a 6′ fence to be an obstruction that kills curb appeal, and makes a potential buyer wonder “what they are trying to hide”. The types of fences we choose to build should be well thought out, and planned for practical use.

A privacy fence can help provide a safe environment for children and pets, as well as prevent entry from other unwanted strangers or animals.

3. As a Security Fence  A 6′ fence can help protect your family – and your possessions – from those who would enter your yard for the wrong reasons. If you have a swimming pool or playground equipment, a fence can prevent trespassers from putting themselves in danger.

4. Noise reduction If your house is near a busy street, you may find yourself screaming to be heard over the traffic noise. An 8-foot-high solid fence can knock 6 to 10 decibels off traffic and other ambient noise. Wood Privacy Fencing is among a handful of products that have traditionally been used to reduce sound along noisy streets.

5. Design element. An attractive, well-constructed fence can add to your home’s overall appeal. But remember, a waist-high fence, such as a picket fence, can both define your property boundary and attract the eye through thoughtful landscaping… something to especially consider for your front yard if security is not an issue. The types of fences you decide upon, will be with you for many years. Call Youngs River Fence, for some expert advice.

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