Need Common Problems Best Fencing suggestions:
Privacy Your home is close to a neighbor’s house.

Your home backs up to busy road/sidewalk or other public area.

You need to look at styles of fence which will screen or breakup the line of site onto your property. There is a perfect fence for any situation.

We recommend the following types of fences:

Security Location to heavy trafficked area.

Previous Security Problems

A high fence with limited horizontal rails (so people can not climb over using rails) can offer some degree of security.

You should also remember to review your present or planned landscaping choices and maintain clear line of sight to all areas of property, especially around swimming pools. Do not provide any areas that are obstructed from view from your home. We recommend:

  • Aluminum Ornamental Fences (especially the commercial or guardian lines)
  • Vinyl
  • Chain link
Contain Pets To define a back yard area which will keep your dog from injuring themselves and others. Many styles are available specifically designed for this situation. The first step is to determine if your pet(s) is a jumper and then to pick a height, which will prevent them from jumping over. The next choice is for appearance and any other need(s) on this list.

We recommend for larger dogs:

We recommend the following types of fences for smaller dogs:

  • Styles mentioned above as long as vertical member spacing does not allow pet to pass through.
  • Post and rail w/ welded wire screening.
  • Picket style.

See all our styles that are appropriate for pet fence.

Contain Larger Animals (Livestock & Horses) Define grazing area or establish other corral needs. A fence for this purpose must be high enough to deter the animal form trying to pass over or under it. This Fence must standup to brushing and bumping by animals. We recommend:

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